Reader Survey 2012: Best Seafood Restaurant

Bamboo Sushi Portland

Bamboo Sushi

Portland has a long way to go as far as seafood is concerned. For a city so close to rivers, lakes and the ocean, the state of our seafood is sad. However, I believe this is starting to change. Last year the order was Jake’s, Southpark, and Bamboo Sushi. This year Jake’s has fallen off the list. Completely new to the ratings are Ringside Fish House (review later this week), Riffle NW, for which I’m hearing lots of good comments, and Cabezon, also new to the list.

Out of 500 votes:

1. Bamboo Sushi – 11%. 310 S.E. 28th Ave., Portland, OR 97214.  (503) 232-5255  Map

2. Southpark – 9.6% 901 Southwest Salmon Street  Portland, OR 97205  Map  (503) 326-1300

3. Ringside Fish House– 7% 838 Southwest Park Avenue Portland, OR 97205  Map  (503) 227-3900

4. Riffle NW – 6%. 333 Northwest 13th Avenue  Portland, OR 97209  Map  (503) 894-8978

5. Cabezon – 5200 Northeast Sacramento Street Portland, OR 97213  Map  (503) 284-6617

Not feeling well, so the map will be added later.

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. bvm says

    I recently ate at Riffle and, for the most part, really enjoyed the food. The only problem was that we got a bad oyster (it smelled rotten after the wife spit it out) and didn’t really get much of a response when we mentioned it to the server.

      • bvm says

        Yup. I mean, we got a cursory apology when we mentioned it but there was no follow-up and we had to remind them to take the bad oyster off the bill at the end of the night.

        Meanwhile, we had some amazing dishes like fried head-on bay shrimp and a great grilled octopus. Major FoH-BoH disconnect.

    • says

      I think most people think of those places more for sushi than for a fish dinner. For that reason, I’m surprised that Bamboo did so well.

  2. PtH says

    I guess that makes sense. Though I can’t imagine a better fish dinner than at one of the places I listed. Perhaps you or they mean to imply European only fish preparations? Because if we’re talking fish, whole or filleted, steamed or seared or broiled or baked, sauced or simple, I would still think Om or Wong’s King, or Ocean City, or Pho Van would CRUSH Ringside (?!?) and the like. At least Cabezon made it! A REAL fish destination.

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