Reader Survey 2012: I Had to “Breakup” With This Restaurant

breakupThis is a question that doesn’t get a ton of votes, but nonetheless is always interesting. I can understand the first choice, and it has a clear majority. The second restaurant on the list has gone through a transition and now has a new chef, so I think folks may not have tried it since he took over. I haven’t been recently, and if you have, I’d like your opinion. To me, the result that has me puzzled is Laurelhurst Market. It just won Best Steakhouse; go figure. I’d be interested to hear why people voted for these particular restaurants. I have too much time on my hands, so I took a moment to look up the Zagat and Yelp ratings for all the places on the list. None of them stood out on the negative side.

360 votes:

1. Meriwether’s Restaurant

2. Bluehour Restaurant

3. Laurelhurst Market

4. Genoa

5. Navarre

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Your thoughts are welcome

  1. Madeleine says

    Laurelhurst market is in our neighborhood but like Navarre, we never go there now. I so wanted to like the place but they don’t sell any local or grass fed meat and have an incredible attitude. There are plenty of other steakhouses in town with similar beef (corn-fed feedlot products) so why should L-Market be singled out as something special? More hip? The hostess has always been hostile and most of the servers know nothing about beef cuts. So, I can’t even say I broke up with it; I never liked anything but the bar. Even the sandwhiches are boring!

  2. says

    Interesting–granted I haven’t been to Meriwether’s in a few months but it’s one of my favorites.

    My pick for “won’t go anymore” is twofold: The first is Clark Lewis. My first experience there was amazing and the food was outstanding. The second visit was lackluster at best. The food was not great, the service wasn’t very pleasant and they messed up the order.

    The other is Eleni’s downtown. I’ve been there twice and had horrible experiences both times. Too extensive to go into here. The Sellwood branch is a million times better–better service, friendly, fast, pleasant!

  3. PDX2CDG says

    Loved Meriwether’s back in the day when Tommy was cooking there.
    After that it went downhill so after three or four tries over the last couple of years we don’t go anymore.
    Only been to Bluehour once since new chef…early on. Time to give that on another shot.
    I NEVER had a good steak at Laurelhurst, but funny I ALWAYS had good fish. Go figure……love the guys there just do my own steaks at home now.

  4. Aestro says

    Funny to see Laurelhurst show up here yet absolutely dominate the steak list. Is good steak really that hard to come by in Portland?

  5. Kimberly says

    I just broke up with Metrovino last week. We were the first two seated in the dining room and it took 2 hours to be served a 3 course meal. Steak was sent back raw to then be served medium, is medium rare really that difficult. I want to love them but can’t.

  6. says

    Things were getting hot and heavy with The Big Egg for a while, but I had to put the brakes to it when she started playing hard to get. Being told there’s a 40 min wait when there’s a threesome in the kitchen and no line just doesn’t send the right signals…

  7. Hydra says

    Agreed about LM. I went there once, and was not impressed at all. I did like the atmosphere, but the food was ok, but not worth the price. I have yet to find a steakhouse that can make as good of a steak as I can make at home though.

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