Reader Survey 2012: Out of All the Restaurants That Closed in 2011, I’ll Miss This One The Most

Sorry we're closedIt is always sad to see a restaurant close, but some we miss more than others. A case in point, I’m still getting votes for Beaker and Flask. Here are the restaurants PortlandFoodandDrink readers miss the most:

1. Alder Pastry and Dessert

2. Fin

3. Ten 01

4. Belly

5. 50 Plates

6. Fenouil

My top 3 choices are the same ones listed here.

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Your thoughts are welcome

  1. Hannah says

    Alder was a real loss. While their desserts were really good, I actually thought their gelato was the real star. Their peanut gelato was life changing.

  2. JandJ says

    We still think about Ten-01 and the consistent quality and outstanding service they offered. What a loss. And, there is still no seafood centric restaurant in PDX that is able to step up to the level that Fin was at. PDX is rich with wonderful choices for places to eat, but both of these restaurants left a real hole.

  3. Irene says

    Wow, couldn’t agree more; the only one on this list that I don’t already miss is 50 Plates (and that would be tough since I never went there). And I definitely agree about Alder’s gelato!

  4. grapedog says

    I really miss Fin. I always felt it was so far ahead of what Portland wanted that it would have to struggle for a long time before it became a fixture on the restaurant landscape. I keep hearing that Riffle NW is trying to be the premier seafood restaurant in town, and I have not been there yet, but I think their concept is still quite different from what I found at Fin.

  5. themick says

    try the new incarnation (carpaccio). I’ve been there 3 times for happy hour (every day until 8pm) and it’s excellent. (The burratta is phenomenal although it isn’t on the happy hour menu)

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