Restaurant Throws in the Towel – Teaches Diners How to Take Better Food Photographs

How many times have you seen a food photo on a social media site, and thought, hmm… that doesn’t look very good? Many restaurants are in a quandary as to whether to allow photography in their restaurants. Faced with what they perceived as a losing battle, Spanish restaurant group Grupo Gourmet, which owns some big name restaurants, has started to hold classes for foodies on how to take good pictures. Their thinking is, if people are going to pass photos of our food around, we should at least make sure they look good!

Chef-patron María José San Román says that the worst thing about bloggers taking pictures in her restaurants is that, if they don’t do a good job, or if they do it after eating half the food, the result looks terrible.

Tips range from cleaning your camera lens (I just had to remind someone of that), to using a menu to concentrate light, filters, and how to steady your phone. Of course they reinforce that a flash should never be used in a restaurant.

It’s an interesting idea and concept. You can read all their tips here, in the Guardian UK.


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    They do have a great point about this topic. Having those pictures on social medias are also a way of promoting your restaurant and also the foods you serve there. A good picture may as well templt foodies who is in search of a good place to dine out.

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    Food pictures are great way to attract people. Many restaurants take social media help to promote their restaurant .Dining out is a fun and many people love to spend some money on it. I always love to click some photographs when I used to dine in a restaurant while traveling. I have a great collection of such photos.

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