Restaurant/Bar owners – Scam Alert from OLCC

An alert this afternoon from the OLCC –


We have been informed that someone with a very sophisticated calling system has phoned some businesses with liquor licenses asking them to pay for in-store signage with checking account/routing numbers.

This scam uses computer prompts when you answer the phone asking if you need to update your OLCC posters. Following, a real person comes on the line to ask you for your checking account and bank routing numbers to complete the process. Please do not give your personal information to these people.

OLCC does not charge businesses for signs and publications. If ANYONE claiming they are from the OLCC asks you for your checking account/routing numbers…this is a SCAM.

OLCC signs and posters are available on our website and can be printed for at no charge:

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the OLCC’s Government Affairs and Communications Division at 503-872-5002.

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. Ellen Green says

    Same thing goes for the BOLI (Bureau of Labor and Industory) poster – the one that says minimum wage and stuff, is also free. Every year those scammers send out an official looking letter that bascially says if you don’t update your poster, you will be fined, so buy one from me NOW! Now comes OLCC scammers! A shop owner has so much to do and worry about, this is just another hassle.

  2. Pradeep Chandrana says

    We have had call from these scammers a) health department b) OLCC and just last week we received a call at almost 11 pm saying they were from the health department and would like to come in to inspect!! Agree with Ellen Green. At times our staff get so worried.

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