Reviewer Gaffes Raise Eyebrows

A couple of restaurant review mistakes from for you to ponder.

1. Canada’s Hamilton Spectator: In a review for Sarcoa Restaurant, the reviewer referred to it as “Sarcoma Restaurant” – a form of cancer.

2. A Sacramento Bee reviewer reviewed Silva’s Sheldon Inn, referencing Don Brown, whom the reviewer believed was the sous chef. It wasn’t a very positive review. The problem? Don Brown had been dead for over two years, a fact noted on the restaurant website.

I may have my share of typos, but geeze!

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. Angie says

    A gaff, in its most common nautical definition, is a long pole with a hook on it, used for spearing a big fish.

    A gaffe, on the other hand, is an embarrassing error.

    They happen to us all.

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