Robots Begin Slow March to Replace Chefs

A Chinese inventor has developed a robot chef, specifically for slicing noodles. Before you roll your eyes, keep a couple of things in mind.

1. This is the first step in robots taking over the world

2. All chefs will eventually be replaced by robots

3. Any robot run restaurant could be reprogrammed to a different cuisine at any time.

Just call me Food Dude Asimov. Now watch the videos below.


In the second video, a restaurant in Harbin China has 18 different robots doing all kinds of jobs.  After you’ve placed your order with one of the human waiters, the robots in the kitchen get cooking. There are dumpling-making robots, noodle experts and even robot chefs that get the foods right every time. Once the meals are ready, robot waiters bring guest their orders, following a set of tracks through the restaurant. All robots are equipped with sensors which allow them to move freely without bumping into anything or anyone. As human guests enjoy their robot-cooked food, a singing robot provides the entertainment

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