Time to Vote for the 2014 Food Writing Contest – With a Twist!

Woman WritingLooking back, I could have set up the way I posted the food writing entries better. I should have made the entries shorter, and should have combined them all in one page. Posting them again would not be appreciated by Google. What to do, what to do! Then it struck me. As some of you know, I’ve been busy writing an entirely new format for PortlandFoodandDrink.com. It is still very rough, and not ready for public consumption, but there was no reason I couldn’t set it up for the voting on the contest. So go over to BestofBridgetown.com – that’s the test site and you’ll get to check out the new look. Each story is displayed as a post. At the bottom of each post, you’ll see five stars. If you could go through each story and click on the stars to rate the story, me and the authors would appreciate your time. Remember, we have some great prizes which will be determined by reader votes –

The voting will close on Monday, so as you get spare time to read your way through, don’t forget to vote!

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