Update on Wafu Closure – Roe to Remain

Wafu Restaurant Portland

Wafu – interior
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From the Press release –

We wanted to let you know that after a very successful run, Chef Trent Pierce has decided to close Wafu to debut a new casual seafood concept. Behind the success of Roe and coupled with a desire to continue his family lineage, Trent introduces BLOCK&TACKLE, a casual seafood restaurant as counterpoint to his high end eatery Roe which will continue service discreetly in the backroom.
The menu is still being planned but look for – Fresh Oysters, raw preparations, Seafood Charcuterie, and new twists on american classics like chowders, fish & chips and seafood cocktails.  Fresh and simple is the key at a price point that is accessible. We’re also planning a new Oyster bar just in time for summer.
Wafu’s last service will be June 2nd.  Roe will continue service throughout the transition.
We wanted to thank all of our customers for their support – we are so grateful and we hope that you will love our new seafood restaurant as much as you love Wafu.See you soon!

The Wafu and Roe Team

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