Wine Musings: Meeting Royalty

Wine glass

Another to keep you entertained during my vacation, this great wine piece by Darryl Joannides It was late January 1997 and a particularly dark, wet and dreary winter’s day. We were on the back end of a 3 week trip driving all over the Italian peninsula, and beginning to get that type of weary that sets in when … [Read more...]

All About Wine and Food Pairings

Wine corks

Another popular article from the past, by Ken Collura Have you ever tried Coca-Cola with a steak? Or coffee? How about a margarita? Each of these beverages can be seen accompanying steaks around town on a nightly basis. I know that everyone has different taste buds, but the thought of something sweet and … [Read more...]

British Astronomer Markets “Meteorite Wine”


Yup, you heard it right. Ian Hutcheon, a British astronomer, has introduced a red wine that contains... a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite. The meteorite from an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, is introduced into the wine just after a 25 day maloactic fermentation, and then blended with Cabernet. "The idea … [Read more...]

An Ode to Rosé


I first sipped rosé in the South of France, so there was no choice but to fall immediately and deeply in love. I studied in Paris; during our late-summer break some friends and I vacationed in a small beach town near Béziers, on the Mediterranean coast. Immediately after ditching our backpacks at the budget hotel, my … [Read more...]

Drink Pink

Tradition Wine

A few weeks ago I was pouring at a tasting where the lineup included a few rosés.  As I tried to pour the first pink wine into one gentleman's glass he looked at me with that look of disappointment that told me we were about to have a conversation about rosé. It was the face you would see if you invited that … [Read more...]

What Do We Want Out of Wine?


So what is it we want out of wine? That it tastes good, right? Oh, and if it doesn't empty our wallets that is certainly a nice bonus. This is especially true for yours truly, since the "stock option" plan for VINO employees consists of drinking leftover wine from weekend tastings. Luckily, there has never been a … [Read more...]

Wine Musings: Vintages – “Good” and “Bad”


It frustrates me the way vintages are reduced to "good" and "bad". It’s not that vintage doesn’t matter – it can matter tremendously for many wines. But it’s a lot more complex than black or white. Take 2008 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. The wines are gorgeous, but a little like me at the end of the work week – they’re … [Read more...]