Confirmed: Mextiza Restaurant Closing in July


Oswaldo Bibiano has confirmed that his Mextiza restaurant, is closing in late July. Rumor has it, that a deli type business will be going into the space. Oswaldo plans to keep Autentica restaurant on NE Killingsworth, and the two Uno Mas taquerias, one of which opened in the Civic Condominiums in SW Portland just a few … [Read more...]

Soapbox – I’m So Over the “Best” Lists

Angry Child -

Have you noticed the proliferation of  national "Best" lists lately? Best Burgers in the Nation, Best Tacos, Best Burrito, Best Grilled Cheese, Best Tequila Cocktail...  The PR section of this site receives them almost every day, and frankly, they are little more than "click bait"; stories designed to get you to go to … [Read more...]

Catching Up: Food News for June 19th

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Restaurants stalking, Priceline buying OpenTable, another cart pod closing, Case Study Coffee expanding, Corvin exploding, Batali producing and one more that I can't end in "ing." You may read reviews before going to a restaurant, but did you know that some restaurants Google you? It's true, especially in large … [Read more...]

Isabella Rossellini Makes Green Food Porno


Sundance TV has been doing an odd series of  educational films called Green Porno, with Isabella Rossellini, Italian actress, filmmaker, author, philanthropist, and model. Actually, "odd" isn't a very good description. Truly bizarre and beautifully done, they have to be seen to be believed. Each runs about 5 minutes. I … [Read more...]