New Review: SE Portland’s Roman Candle

Roman Candle

This is of course, an April Fools joke. I'm so tired of all the stupid words being made up by aging writers in a vain attempt to come across as cool, all the stupidity to make the food scene sound more important than it really is, and the over-the-top hyperbole being used by people who used to be good critics, I … [Read more...]

Ingredient of the month – all about Oxtail


This was, of course, an April Fools joke. I apologize to the lady who wrote me a nasty letter this morning about being embarrassed by her butcher. This is the first of a new once a month series of articles about food ingredients. I hope you use the information to better understand some of the lesser used but … [Read more...]

Distillery Row “Cocktails Demystified”

Distillery Row

I think a lot of folks will find the "cocktail demystified" on Saturday the 28th appealing. Distillery Row is holding an event showcasing local products from Eastside Distilling, Vinn Distillery, New Deal Distillery, Stone Barn Brandyworks, House Spirits, and Rolling River. The distilleries will take turns presenting … [Read more...]

Quartet Sinks into the Willamette

Circling the Drain

Willamette Week breaks the story that Quartet, the much maligned South Waterfront restaurant has closed. The restaurant which opened on Valentine's Day 2013 wanted to bring fine dining into the space which had sat vacant for years, after the previous tenant, the über upscale restaurant Lucier closed in early … [Read more...]

Portland Based Retooling


The popular Portland based newsletter is ceasing production. From the press blast: There’s no easy way to say this: After seven years online, Culinate — at least the part of Culinate that publishes stories and recipes — is closing up shop, and today’s newsletter will be our last. Although publishing … [Read more...]

Breakfast in Bridgetown is Looking for Funding


I don't think I've ever posted a link to any campaigns to Kickstarter or Indiegogo to raise money, but this time I'm making an exception. If you have been following this site for a while, you've probably enjoyed Paul Gerald's writing. In 2008, he wrote the first edition of Breakfast in Bridgetown - the Definitive Guide … [Read more...]