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Case Study Coffee Portland

Case Study Coffee. Photos ©Tim Roth, Pupil Photo

Originally started as an espresso catering company in 2005, Case Study opened their outer NE Sandy café in 2010. What sets Case Study apart from countless other neighborhood cafés in Portland? We think it’s a passion and a concerted effort to do things better. With a focus on small batch-roasted coffee, house-made syrups and warm customer service, Case Study shows how a neighborhood café can up the ante. The interior is uncluttered and thoughtful in design, with practical and comfortable Eames Case Study chairs, bright window seating, and music that enhances the ambiance, rather than dominates it. Owners Wes Russell and Christine Herman-Russell appear to have carefully thought out all aspects of their operation, including a small but well-chosen selection of the city’s best baked goods.  Recent plans include adding a pop-up espresso shop downtown on SW 10th and Washington, continuing their catering business, and expanded roasting efforts. Cold brewed iced coffee is another attractor, and Case Study’s elaborate cold drip process station located at the right side of the counter, is a sight to behold.

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  1. Kai Jones says

    I realize this is a series about coffee, but it would be helpful to me if you’d indicate what non-coffee offerings are available. I don’t drink coffee (can’t stand the taste or the smell) but occasionally must meet people in various coffee houses, and would like to know which ones will be least objectionable. (For example, only after ordering and tasting the hot chocolate at Rimsky-Korsakoffeehouse did I learn that they put coffee in their hot chocolate mix.)

  2. James says

    a little off the beaten path but worth a visit. the coffee has always been pretty good. the space is open and light.

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