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Every so often I write about restaurants and travel when I venture out of the Portland area. You'll find lots of stories here.

A Bit More Italy: What? More Steps!


This is the third in a four-part series: You can read the entire journal from the beginning here. For me, the best way to figure out an Italian train schedule is to jump on the internet, pull up Italia Rail, and look on the site. Otherwise I end up confused and spend six hours going north to end up 1 hour east. Even … [Read more...]

Italy Part I: My Stupor Begins


This is an update of my trip to Italy in 2007, one of the most read series of posts I've ever written, with lots of new details and photos.  I'll be putting one up every few days. I would like to say, "having a wonderful time, wish you were here", but I always enjoy traveling solo. However, through the magic of … [Read more...]

Wine Musings: Meeting Royalty

Wine glass

Another to keep you entertained during my vacation, this great wine piece by Darryl Joannides It was late January 1997 and a particularly dark, wet and dreary winter’s day. We were on the back end of a 3 week trip driving all over the Italian peninsula, and beginning to get that type of weary that sets in when … [Read more...]

Roger Porter Visits Momofuku Ko In New York City

My contributions to this website have so far been reviews of local restaurants, and I assume this will continue to be my main interest. But during a recent trip to New York, largely to eat and to expand my gastronomical horizons (at the cost of expanding my waistline as well), I thought it might be amusing to bring … [Read more...]

Ramen Dreams in Vancouver BC

Ramen in Vancouver BC

Have you ever dreamt about a certain kind of food? Not necessarily a dream while sleeping, but more of a daydream that repeatedly encompasses your thoughts. I've recently had such a recurring dream about Japanese ramen, and the dreams were about the real deal: Shio, Shoyu, Miso and Tonkotsu. I first fell in love … [Read more...]