GQ Names Woodsman Tavern as one of “Best New Restaurants in America”

Ribbon Prize AwardGQ has just announced “The Ten Best New Restaurants in America” for 2012 and Portland’s The Woodsman Tavern is on the list.

Alan Richman and the editors of GQ spent the past year crisscrossing the country and comparing notes on an all-star freshman class. From a culinary time machine in Chicago to a tiny chef’s table above a bar in Nashville, they’ve compiled the list of everywhere you should be digging in. Topped by chef Michael Voltaggio’s modern eatery Ink, in Los Angeles, this year’s list proves that there’s one sector of American life that still isn’t broken: our restaurants. The annual The Ten Best New Restaurants in Americafeature appears in the March issue of the magazine, available on newsstands nationwide February 21.  The list of this year’s top ten is below, and you can read the full article on

The “Ten Best New Restaurants in America” selected by GQ for 2012 are:

1. Ink (Los Angeles, CA)
Modernism Never Tasted So Good

2. Brushstroke (
New York, NY)
Our Finest Japanese Import

3. Next
(Chicago, IL)
No Holds Barred, Nothing Left Behind

4. Mission Chinese Food
(San Francisco, CA)
The Pop-up That Endured

5. The Catbird Seat (
Nashville, TN)
The Best Duet in Nashville

6. Picca (
Los Angeles, CA)
Peruvian Is Here to Stay

7. The Woodsman Tavern
(Portland, OR)
We’ll Be at the Bar

8. Mica
(Philadelphia, PA)
French Technique Moves to the Burbs

9. Ruxbin
(Chicago, IL)
Small, Scrappy, and Satisfying as Hell

10. Barley Swine
(Austin, TX)
The Restaurant That Grew Up in a Trailer

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  1. jimster says

    Having been there a couple of times I would say the food is good if inconsistent, the environs very nice and the service pretty good. I do agree with the title, “I’ll be at the bar” because heaven help you if you have to spend a dinner sitting in those ungodly uncomfortable chairs.

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