Reader Survey 2013: The Best Restaurants in Portland

OX Restaurant Portland

Once again, Portland Food and Drink readers pick the best restaurants in Portland. As normal for this survey, I'm only listing the restaurants that stand out from the others by a large margin. Results were much tighter this year than in the past - once we get past Pok Pok, the spread is just 196 votes between the rest … [Read more...]

Reader Survey 2012: Best Restaurant in Portland #1-11

Toro Bravo

1. Toro Bravo - Everyday Spanish food is about quality and fresh ingredients, simply prepared. This is rustic food, meant for downing as tapas and accompaniments to glasses of Spanish Rosado or pitchers of Sangria. This is food to relax over, to nibble at, and to share with friends. The Toro Bravo menu starts with … [Read more...]

Reader Survey 2012: Where to Eat on a First Date

Toro Bravo Portland

For me, first dates are a tricky thing. I don't want to go overboard and spend a bunch of money unless I'm pretty sure we are going to hit it off. I don't want somewhere that is so loud and distracting that we can't get to know each other. Then there's the food. A sense of adventure, especially in all things food, is … [Read more...]

Portland Farmers Market Opens, Aviary Readies Bar

Aviary Portland - Pana Cotta

I collect all the interesting links I find around the web and Google news, with the best intentions. They get dragged to my desktop, but I get busy, or am not feeling well enough to deal, and it seems like they collect, until a day like this comes along and I run out of space. Fasten your seat-belts and click away. … [Read more...]

Aviary Reopens Tuesday

Aviary Portland - Pana Cotta

The official Aviary press release was sent out today, confirming they will reopen on December 6th, with the new bar opening a few weeks later. I toured the space a few weeks ago (glasses and rubber nose, of course), and can confirm, it is much larger. There is a lot more floor space, a full bar(!), and a nice roll-up … [Read more...]