Reader Survey 2015: Best Pizza in Portland

Apizza Scholls thumbnail

Who makes the best pizza in Portland? I know people who have practically come to blows over this very question. Every year the same restaurants tend to place in the top five, and I added some details about their pies. But not everyone wants a fancy pizza; sometimes you just need something quick and easy. For this … [Read more...]

Reader Survey 2013: Best Pizza in Portland

Apizza Scholls Plain Pie

The results are in for our 2013 Best Pizza in Portland. First, it's always interesting to look at the results from previous years: 2012 - Apizza Scholls, Ken's Artisan, Dove Vivi, Nostrana, Lovely's Fifty Fifty. 2011 - Ken's Artisan, Apizza Scholls, Dove Vivi, Nostrana, Hot Lips. 2010 - Ken's Artisan, Apizza … [Read more...]

Reader’s Survey 2012: Best Pizza in Portland

Apizza Scholls Plain Pie

I am surprised by the results of this years survey. In 2010 Ken's Artisan Pizza won over Apizza Scholls by a tiny amount. In 2011, the two tied. This year, Apizza kicked the pants off of everyone. 1054 votes were cast in this category. The rankings are as follows: 1. Apizza Scholls - 30% of the total. 4741 SE … [Read more...]

Survey 2011: Best Pizza in Portland

Ken's Artisan Pizza

Amazing. Out of 1011 votes, we have a tie. A TIE. Twice. I counted twice, and then built a pivot table to double-check, because I thought maybe I'd had too much bourbon. As you can see, there is quite a drop to 3rd place.   Ken's Artisan Pizza 28% of the vote -304 Southeast 28th Ave. Portland, OR 97214 … [Read more...]

Review: Ken’s Artisan Pizza

Ken's Artisan Finocchiona Pizza

(updated 03/24: photos/hours/wine list. If you are looking for Ken's Artisan Bakery, you will find it here.) Seems like not too long ago, it was said you could not get a bad meal in Italy. Sadly, that has certainly changed, and as the American lifestyle and more materialism creeps across Italy's cities, a poorly … [Read more...]