Coffee Guide: Water Avenue

Water Avenue Coffee - Interior

A newcomer on the Portland coffee scene, Water Avenue Coffee started as a pop-up shop named Temporary Coffee during construction of their permanent space in 2009. They officially opened in 2010, in the up and coming Central Eastside Industrial District, on, you guessed it, SE Water Avenue, next to Clive Coffee in a … [Read more...]

OPB Art Beat on Local Coffee

Latte Art Coffee

If you missed it, Oregon Art Beat ran a nice piece on local coffee. A bulk of the story was focused on the how and why of latte art, but they also covered roasting at Water Avenue Coffee, and a bit on cupping at Barista Coffee. If you aren't familiar with coffee art, take a look. … [Read more...]

What? More News!

It's true, as often happens, I get deluged with new tips every time I post a roundup. Here we go: YamYam's restaurant in N Portland was being used as a front to launder money from a Crips gang cocaine deals. As someone said on Twitter, no wonder there was a line to get in! Not a line I'd want to get into myself. … [Read more...]