The Rumor Mill: Both St. Cupcake Locations to Close

St. Cupcake Portland

Hot Fudge on Vanilla at St. Cupcake

<UPDATED  – This is true – confirmed by multiple sources>

Remember when cupcakes where the next big thing? Why just a year ago cupcake ATM’s in Los Angeles hit the news. Now it sounds like the boom is over. A reader writes that he was told both the SW Morrison and SE Belmont locations are closing in two weeks. The Belmont location will become another Quin candy shop – one just opened in Union Way in SW Portland.

Sad. I always liked the people there.

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  1. Ross Pullen says

    I find this continuing saga of closures sad. Of course, i always had the approach to keep it open as long as possible,TRADITION!….. for the income-me and the employees- or at least sell the biz. I liked her product,excellent and creative. If cupcakes are on the way out, reinvent somehow. I think I could take a cupcake bakery slowing down and go a different direction. How about savory items,in a bigger round pan…or ????? Ethnic savories. Just wrap them up differently. Then again, maybe they ran out of steam and want to move on. That is also something i would never do,at least until i had been open for 20+ years or so.
    Again,sorry to see them close.Wishing them well.

  2. MsMora says

    Sad, sad news. While cupcakes have been a classic for decades, it’s a shame they don’t have a strong enough hold on the buying public. Hoping that St. Cupcake will still be open by the time I come back from vacation to enjoy one last Captain Salty. St. Cupcake you will truly be missed!

  3. Jenifer says

    Quin is also Jami Curl, right? So it sound like they have reinvented themselves….. Quin candy is delicious! That popcorn caramel is to die for!

  4. Johnny says

    love the cupcakes, but I hated the change in location on the West side, no parking, not easy access. I wonder if that had anything to do with the closing?

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