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Eric Bechard of Thistle fame wrote me an annoyed letter earlier this week because I had failed to mention his new restaurant, “The Kingdom of Roosevelt“, which is slated to open the 2nd week of February. When I pointed out that he hadn’t included me in the press release mailing, he apologized, and asked that I mention it now, because it dovetails in with The Hunt video I posted about earlier today. So… in case you aren’t aware of his plans, here is the information:

Over the past 4 years, while living in the Willamette valley, I have had an incredible opportunity to work side by side with the farmers and ranchers that have made thistle what is has become. We are now dictated by 15 small family farms within 45 miles of the restaurant that supply us with 95% of our food product year round. We also have a hand in seed selection for the upcoming seasons and heritage breed development as well as start up animal husbandry programs.

The focus of the Portland restaurant will still be on Oregon agriculture but in a bit of a different lens: We have been developing some “wild game” programs (wood pigeon, American blue rabbit, fallow deer and canvasback duck) with the intention of opening this restaurant and it will reflect heavily on the cuisine. Along with wild greens, berries, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, whole grains and river and shellfish we will be featuring sour beers, hard ciders and funky white wine varietals. This restaurant, like thistle, will be doing whole animal butchery and smoking, pickling and curing of said animals. We will also have a small green house and will be working on the cultivation of some wild plants.

The menu will consist of 10-14 items, change daily and will feature a few large format meat cuts and many smaller dishes with the idea of sharing in mind.

Sample menu items:
Whole braised then grilled rabbit for two (carved table side)
Pickled elk tongue with its heart and marrow
Wood pigeon pie for two
Roasted and raw matsutake with emmer and smoked apples
Razor clams cooked in shell with spruce and rhubarb juice
Smoked pheasant soup with brassicas, chestnut dumplings and pickled chestnuts
Beetroot, yoghurt, dill, horseradish and oxalis
Nettle and wild garlic soup with duck egg and wood lettuce

Good luck, Eric!

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. Lindsey says

    Location of Roosevelt is off of SE 39th (Cesar Chavez Blvd.) near SE Lincoln or so — no other businesses there, awkward parking, no energy or vibe from anything else, no foot traffic — gonna be tough.

    • Johnny B says

      Game is any animal hunted for food or not normally domesticated. Just like all the Duck, Quail or Pheasant you buy at whole foods is technically categorized as “Wild Feathered Game!” Furthermore, legally you can’t serve true wild game in a restaurant in the U.S. All wild game has to be farm-raised. You can kill a deer and take it to a processing facility, then take it home and eat it, but you can NOT sell it to the general public.

  2. dan says

    I live in the neighborhood, and sincerely hope that this restaurant will not be another showcase for sulky, skinny-jeaned hipsters and slumming Pearl dwellers to see and be seen. That is, make it like (the dearly departed) Skin and Bones, not Woodsman Tavern or Ava Gene or Xico. How did my chill, relaxed neighborhood attract all these trend whore eateries?

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