Tastebud Pizza Opening Multnomah Village Restaurant

Long-time rumors of Tastebud Pizza going into the old Pagenwood Furniture Restoring location in Multnomah Village are finally coming true. According to Portland Monthly, the restaurant will have a fully stocked bar, a retail counter, and a 72-inch Mugnaini wood oven, which will be “the only piece of cooking equipment in the kitchen” – I guess knives, cutting boards, mixers, etc. don’t count.

Doxtader is bringing back his glorious roasted chicken dinners and perfectly charred pizzas, both staples at his short-lived 3220 SE Milwaukie Ave location, which shuttered in January 2013. Also in the works: heaps of Oregon seafood, farm-fresh vegetables and salads, and a new breakfast program featuring baked eggs, French toast, and oatmeal, all wood-fired.

The original Tastebud Pizza started as very popular Portland and Milkaukie Farmers Market booths. In 2011 he opened a brick and mortar location on SE Milwaukie Avenue, which closed in January 2013. You can read a review of that location here.

The new location will be at 7783 SW Capitol Hwy – next door to Village Coffee. Good to hear the area will finally get an good place to eat.

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  1. Carol says

    Ahhh, whereas I am excited that something is moving into the Paganwood location, excuse my sad response to learn that another gluten-filled establishment is opening up in my fair neighborhood. And, it’s a pizza joint at that. Lucky Lab was my last glutinous splurge, so I hope this new place – a mere 4-5 blocks away from the Lab – will have something different/interesting/non-contaminated to offer.
    Otherwise, accept my “meh…” to the news.

    • Lindsey says

      I hard to believe that Carol is so self-absorbed in her own diet retractions (and self-imposed dietary restrictions) to overlook the bigger picture here. Additionally, how does anyone connect food containing gluten to be somehow “contaminated”?

  2. Carol Boutard says

    How incredibly fortunate Multnomah Village will be to have Tastebud Pizza on site. If you have not experienced the range of Mark’s genius, there are many non-meat options available which are so delicious that even a carnivore such as myself is in love with every one of them. Mark has a gift with texture, fragrance and flavor and I am so glad he is going to be able to share these gifts with a great part of town. You guys are so lucky! My husband and I man our booth a few spaces away from Tastebud at a particular farmers market and our biggest incentive in the early hours of the morning while we load up the van to come into town is knowing that we will soon be having the best meal of the week. Tastebud is a gem.

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