Wild Rumor – Micah Camden to Expand Empire Again

Little Big Burger

Little Big Burger

Word on the street is that Micah Camden, who at one time owned at least a piece of respected restaurants Yakuza, Beast, D.O.C., Fats, and currently Little Big Burger, is planning a new Japanese spot called Boxer on SE Hawthorne and 20th. No more information than that.

Did I ever mention I like Little Big Burger? It’s my go to downtown burger place.

Mr. Camden, you may now pick yourself up off the floor.

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. says

    I recently toured an apartment in the 20/Hawthorne building and the girl giving the tour said “we’ve got a sushi place opening up here soon,” is that lends any additional credibility.

  2. h carp says

    Overheard conversation while eating @ sushi restaurant in Bend. The sushi chef related that he was going to be opening a sushi restaurant on 20th/Hawthorne , with a partner. New restaurant to be named Boxer. Excellent chef.

  3. B. Real says

    A white guy doing Asian food in Portland, groundbreaking!!! Oh wait: biwa, bokie bowl, wafu, pok pok, ping, west coast bento, bamboo, tanuki, du’s, departure, zilla, sauce box, yakuza, and about half the Asian food carts in town….Can’t wait Michah!!

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