Woodsman Market Kaput for Now, Steven Smith Teamaker Expanding

Duane Sorenson has closed the doors of Woodsman Market. Sorenson told Willamette week that they plan to re-open the market under the same name later this year, but with a new concept.

From WW,

The direction didn’t seem to click, or we couldn’t figure out how to make the concept work. We’ve decided to shut the project down. Our hopes are to open by New Year’s with a focus on more local producers and products, instead of expanding around the globe as we had.”

What’s this mean? In part, he’ll be selling the some of the products at Woodsman Market that they’re already serving at his restaurants Ava Gene’s, Woodsman Tavern and Roman Candle. The restaurant group is currently meeting with local producers, and settling on details.

You can read all the details at WWeek.com.


Steven Smith Teamaker is opening a large warehouse and retail space in SE Portland. The new location at 110 SE Washington Street is in the same area as Olympic Provisions, Stumptown Coffee’s roasting warehouse, and Produce Row Cafe. According to the Oregonian, the 27,600 square foot warehouse will consist of a production area and retail cafe.  “”In one of my former tea lives we were located near Produce Row and I have always felt the inner southeast had tremendous potential as a new destination for retail and restaurants,” Smith said in a statement. “I am really excited to be re-joining the neighborhood’s food and beverage scene, which is seeing explosive growth.””

You can read our interview with Steven Smith here.

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