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KM as I will remain for the time being, had the luck to be born into an Italian kitchen to globe-trotting parents. From there, the foundation was set for a life of discovering the world through my nose and palate. I don't have any professional experience with food. But I have absorbed some information here and there from the constant talk about food that went on among my elders and, importantly, from the outrage they easily expressed over bad ingredients, food that was too cold or not hot enough, overzealous seasonings and mismatched pairings. (Whatever the conversation was about, it was irretrievable once someone starting talking about food, as in "Did you try the melons this week?" or "I was in Parma last weekend and tried the culatello")

And there was something about that image of the cook in Rio sorting through kernels of rice spread out on the kitchen table, one by one, that I observed as a child, making me understand cooking was a serious endeavor.

One of the saddest things to my mind is the thought of so many Americans eating processed food stuffs alone, separately from parents and siblings, away from the companionship of the dining table, not even knowing how the food grows or where it comes from. This is not a sign of a healthy culture, for body or mind. A healthy culture about food is starting to set down roots, though, and Portland is helping lead the way. I contribute to portlandfoodanddrink as a matter of home town pride, and to be part of the solution.

I also have a personal blog, which mostly focuses on cultural issues, sometimes as they relate to food. KM-Clear

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  1. FoodGroupie says

    Are you saying that Karam moved and this place is the replacement or that the owners of Karam owned 2 restaurants and gave up the pizza place?

  2. Food Dude says

    She’s saying he owned two restaurants, and he gave up the pizza place. Lots of people didn’t know about the pizza.

  3. KM says

    Apparently I confused everybody, for which I apologize. There are separate, unaffiliated owners for Habibi and Karam.
    I can’t compare falafel as I have not tried it at Karam. Let us know what you think.

  4. pdxeater says

    The falafel at Karam is much better then at Habibi. Last time at Habibi it was leaden and soggy with grease which = using a mix in my book. The owner of Karam is the uncle (? or another male relative) of the owner of Habibi but they own them independently.

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