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  1. Are you saying that Karam moved and this place is the replacement or that the owners of Karam owned 2 restaurants and gave up the pizza place?

  2. She’s saying he owned two restaurants, and he gave up the pizza place. Lots of people didn’t know about the pizza.

  3. Apparently I confused everybody, for which I apologize. There are separate, unaffiliated owners for Habibi and Karam.
    I can’t compare falafel as I have not tried it at Karam. Let us know what you think.

  4. The falafel at Karam is much better then at Habibi. Last time at Habibi it was leaden and soggy with grease which = using a mix in my book. The owner of Karam is the uncle (? or another male relative) of the owner of Habibi but they own them independently.

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