Reader Survey: The Best Restaurants, Bars & Food Business in Portland 2012!

Note: these are the 2012 results. You can see the 2013 Reader Survey results here!

This is the final list of all the winners in our Reader Survey of  The Best Restaurants in Portland along with the best Bars and Food Related Businesses in Portland 2012. We compiled the results of 1200 survey responses below. The list begins with the top 30 restaurants for 2012, and follows with lots of general categories, such as Best Pizza, Sushi, Vegetarian, etc.

We do this every year, so if you didn’t participate in 2012, hopefully you will participate in the 2013 survey!

  • Reader Survey 2012: Best Bakery in Portland Ken's Bakery PortlandHow do I love thee? Let me count the ways. We love our bakeries like we love books and strip clubs. This category got many passionate comments, 61 different bakeries were nominated and over 1000 votes counted. The top two winners received 35% of the vote between them. Six others followed closely, and then the bottom fell ... Read post
  • Reader Survey 2012: Best Bar Food in Portland Squash Blossoms - Photo Tim RothIn 2011, the voting went Bunk Bar, Beaker & Flask, and Slow Bar. This year the order has changed a bit, as Interuban has shaken things up. As Tanuki has been moving around over the past year, this is a good showing for them. Out of 952 votes: 1.  Beaker & Flask - 7.3% of the vote.  727 Southeast ... Read post
  • Reader Survey 2012: Best Bar in Portland Teardrop LoungeThis survey question was for “Best Bar – Excluding Food”. Last year Teardrop Lounge was knocked off of its perch by Beaker & Flask, but it has regained its footing by a healthy margin. The Rum Club made a great showing for a new business. 686 votes were cast: 1. Teardrop Lounge  – 12% of the total vote. 1015 ... Read post
  • Reader Survey 2012: Best Beer Bar in Portland Saravesa Bottle Shop & Pastry TavernThe survey results for Best Beer Bar were similar to the 2011 rankings, when Horse Brass, Saraveza and Bailey’s Tap Room were on top. Odd that after so many votes there were three ties. Out of 680 votes cast: 1. Saravesa Bottle Shop & Pasty Tavern 12.6% of the vote. 1004 North Killingsworth Street Portland, OR 97217  Map  (503) 206-4252 2. ... Read post
  • Reader Survey 2012: Best Brunch in Portland Tasty n Sons Pork CutletsIn 2010, I asked “Who has the best breakfast in Portland”. The answers were 1. Screen Door, 2. Simpatica, 3. Mother’s Bistro. I asked again in 2011, and this time the ranking was Tasty n Sons, Screen Door and Simpatica. With the arrival of Tasty n Sons at the top position, everything else just pushed ... Read post
  • Reader Survey 2012: Best Burger in Portland Little Big Burger Best Burger is always one of the more contentious awards. Almost everyone likes good hamburgers, but many people base their favorites on “what mom used to make”. Some people like all the accompaniments, others the bare minimum. With that in mind, I’ve listed to top 15. The spread is pretty close, with the exception of Little ... Read post
  • Reader Survey 2012: Best Butcher in Portland Chop Butchery PortlandWhere do we like to buy our meat? At least 400 people didn’t vote at all, so I’m thinking quite a few just pick up their chops at a grocery store such as Safeway – they don’t know what they’re. But those who visit the butchery definitely have strong opinions. Here are the results for ... Read post
  • Reader Survey 2012: Best Cheesemonger Cheese Bar CheeseWe love our cheese, and there are only a few places that we like to buy it. I was surprised at the small number of stores nominated – only 16, with many only getting one vote. I also was surprised by the absolute landslide for one shop, which received 55% of the vote. Here are the results ... Read post
  • Reader Survey 2012: Best Chinese Restaurants in Portland Lucky Strike Restaurant in PortlandPortland isn’t exactly known for its Chinese food, but we do have some strong opinions. As usual a small group of restaurants received the bulk of the votes.I don’t particularly care for Wong’s King anymore, but if you have never had the huge dining room, dim sum experience, it is a good option. If you ... Read post
  • Reader Survey 2012: Best Coffee Roaster in Portland Ristretto-roasterA new category this year – roaster. You’ll find Best Coffeehouse here. I was floored by these results. The relatively new Ristretto Roasters came out of nowhere to take first place, edging out Stumptown Coffee. Out of 736 votes cast: 1. Ristretto Roasters – 27.9% of the vote . Our review 2181 NW Nicolai St., Portland 97210 Map 3808 N Williams Ave, Portland 97227 Map 2. Stumptown – ... Read post
  • Reader Survey 2012: Best Coffeehouse in Portland coffee-128I thought it would be interesting this year to break coffee into two categories – Best Coffeehouse and Best Roaster. Stumptown is known for roasting and I thought they would do pretty well in both categories, especially with 5 stores, but that isn’t the case. Let’s look at the results: 752 votes cast: 1. Ristretto Roasters – ... Read post
  • Reader Survey 2012: Best Gourmet Food Store Newman's Market PortlandWhere do we go when we are looking for ingredients to make that special meal? With 50% of the vote, your first choice is clear. The next three were very close. I’m glad to see Foster & Dobbs move way up the list this year. 568 votes cast: 1. City Market/Pastaworks – 50% of the vote! 3735 SE ... Read post