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We don't normally run many recipes (though I wish I had a recipe writer). However I'll sometimes write posts about cocktails, holiday recipes etc., and we sometimes excerpt recipes from cookbooks here. Author Nancy Rommelmann also contributes to this section.

Making the Perfect Gin and Tonic

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Gin & Tonic is what my father would have called “an honest drink.” Nothing fancy; direct and to the point. However, making the perfect gin and tonic requires a few simple steps. In the 50’s I’d come home from school and mom would turn on the Children’s Hour on NPR.  I would sit sideways in the egg chair, lost … [Read more...]

Vodka Cucumber/Mint Lemonade for a Hot Day

Cocktail Mint

Reposted from 2006 by Lizzy Caston Some things are worth repeating! Here’s a bit of Dude trivia: he’s not only a good cook – his Sunday dinners for friends are well-known, but he’s also an awesome bartender. As a matter of fact, his first foray into the food industry was as a bartender at The Magic Pan Restaurant in … [Read more...]

Wine Musings: Meeting Royalty

Wine glass

Another to keep you entertained during my vacation, this great wine piece by Darryl Joannides It was late January 1997 and a particularly dark, wet and dreary winter’s day. We were on the back end of a 3 week trip driving all over the Italian peninsula, and beginning to get that type of weary that sets in when … [Read more...]

Memories – Making Mayonnaise From Scratch

Making Mayonnaise

I've written many times about my early summers on a cattle ranch in Texas, here's one more story. I’m taking you back once more for a recipe I use all the time, my grandmother’s mayonnaise. If you'd rather skip the memories of my early life, you'll find it at the bottom. My first summer in Waxahachie was in 1962. I … [Read more...]

By Request, My Family Eggnog Recipe


Re-posted from 2009 This is a recipe my father used back in the 40's. Many years ago, I found it among his things, but never made it until tonight. Now I will never make any other version. It's really airy yet creamy, with just the right balance of booze. I Twitter/Facebooked about this tonight, and am posting it … [Read more...]