Making the Perfect Gin and Tonic

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Gin & Tonic is what my father would have called “an honest drink.” Nothing fancy; direct and to the point. However, making the perfect gin and tonic requires a few simple steps. In the 50’s I’d come home from school and mom would turn on the Children’s Hour on NPR.  I would sit sideways in the egg chair, lost … [Read more...]

Baklava Bakery Video Dazzles


FoodieTV, the folks behind the iPhone app, have posted a beautifully shot video of a commercial baklava bakery. The origin of baklava is hotly contested, but this restaurant in Gaziantep, Turkey has been making it since 1887. Join Daniel and Mirra from The Perennial Plate as they tour famed baklava producer … [Read more...]

Vodka Cucumber/Mint Lemonade for a Hot Day

Cocktail Mint

Reposted from 2006 by Lizzy Caston Some things are worth repeating! Here’s a bit of Dude trivia: he’s not only a good cook – his Sunday dinners for friends are well-known, but he’s also an awesome bartender. As a matter of fact, his first foray into the food industry was as a bartender at The Magic Pan Restaurant in … [Read more...]

Harvester Brewing Being Forced to Change Name

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Portland's Harvester Brewing is being forced to change its name by a California wine company named Hope Family Wines. According to Harvester, the maker of Liberty School, Treana, Candor, Austin Hope and Troublemaker wines "has decided that our use of Harvester will create brand confusion and has demanded that we change … [Read more...]

Machado to Open Two More Restaurants


David Machado, owner of Nel Centro at the Hotel Modera will be running two more restaurants, both inside the Hotel Eastlund. Never heard of it? According to the Oregonian, the Red Lion Hotel near the convention center will be closing September 2nd, will reopen in 2014 after a complete gutting. When it reopens in May, … [Read more...]

Meet Harold


Everyone, meet Harold. I wasn't really looking for a tomato, but bought him at the grocery store in a weak moment when I thought a bit of color would be nice in a salad. Fortunately for Harold, he was sitting on the kitchen counter while I was cooking, and we ended up having a nice conversation. Not one for killing … [Read more...]