Goodby Produce Row Cafe

Closed. R.I.P

Alan Davis, owner of the Produce Row Cafe, announced this morning that the cafe will close permanently tonight. It is with a heavy heart that we close Produce Row today for an indefinite hiatus. We understand this is a surprise for many and please know that we could not be more grateful for all of your support over … [Read more...]

Catching Up – Bits of Portland Restaurant News

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On the recent fig story, a commenter asks, "I am looking to find a place I can go and u pick some figs? I work in a Alzheimer’s facility and my residents loved the figs we got last year. They brought back so many memories for them when they where children. Last year we had a nursery donate a couple of boxes to us… … [Read more...]

Mise-en-Place Makes for a Better Life


A few weeks ago, NPR's The Salt, ran a story titled "For A More Ordered Life, Organize Like A Chef". Mis-en-place is a technique used by good chefs to keep their stations organized. Before the restaurant opens, everything is prepped, everything in its place. The same organization is true for bartenders - notice how … [Read more...]

Interview: Scott Dolich – Park Kitchen


This is another in a series of interviews which first appeared in About Face Magazine by Chris Angelus of Portland Food Adventures. My thanks to Chris and About Face.  Chef/owner of Bent Brick & Park Kitchen - Humbly at the Center of it All I met with Scott Dolich for this interview on the patio of the Bent … [Read more...]

Book Review: Breakfast in Bridgetown 3rd Edition

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In 2006, Paul Gerald contacted me, asking if I would like to run some reviews he had written about places to eat breakfast in Portland. I was dubious, as I frequently get approached by folks with great ideas that they never follow up on, people with personal agendas, and quite a few who have a sense of taste that … [Read more...]