Reader Survey 2013: Best Bakery

Ken's Artisan Bakery Portland

Ken’s Artisan Bakery – Eclairs

We love our bakeries like we love books and strip clubs. This category got many passionate comments, some accusing me in advance of ignoring their favorites. A total of 51 different bakeries were nominated (10 less than last year – interesting), with exactly 1000 votes cast. After the top five winners, the bottom fell out, with many places getting one or two votes.

There are so many new bakeries in Portland, it is time I updated our old bakery roundup. I’ll put it on my list for after the bulky jacket season begins.

  • 2012: Ken’s Artisan Bakery, Little T American Baker, Pearl Bakery, Fleur de Lis, St. Honore, Nuvrei, Baker & Spice, Bakeshop, Grand Central
  • 2011: Ken’s Artisan Bakery, Little T American Baker, Pearl Bakery, Grand Central, Bakery & Spice, Fleur de Lis, St. Honore, Lovejoy Bakers

For 2013, out of (exactly) 1000 votes:

1. Ken’s Artisan Bakery – 16% of the vote. 338 Northwest 21st Avenue, Portland OR 97214  Map  (503) 248-2202  My review
2. Little T Baker – 12% 2600 Southeast Division St., Portland, OR 97202  Map (503) 238-3458

3. Saint Honoré Boulangerie – 10%  My review

  • 2335 Northwest Thurman Street  Portland, OR 97210  Map  (503) 445-4342
  • 315 1st St Lake Oswego, OR 97034  Map  (503) 445-1379
4. Fleur De Lis Bakery & Cafe – 5.9% 3930 Northeast Hancock Street  Portland, OR 97212  Map  (503) 459-4887  My review
5. Pearl Bakery – 6% 102 Northwest 9th Ave., Portland, OR 97209  Map (503) 827-0910

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. psp2pdx says

    Surprised Lovejoy Bakers didn’t get a shout out ……sourdough bread, sticky buns and the holiday Panettone.
    Tough category……these top five are all terrific.

  2. pdxyogi says

    Surprised Bakeshop was left out. True standout product, and stuff you find elsewhere. We certainly are blessed with some amazing bakeries here.

    • Ciaofun says

      I really want to like Bakeshop. The trouble is that their baked goods almost always are very dry. Love their handpies, though.

      I’m always surprised that Baker and Spice doesn’t get more props. I guess the suburban-like location doesn’t help.

  3. Fefe says

    Ken definitely has the best bread. Ken is the only bakery that would be thriving just selling bread if it was in France. For Croissants, after trying a very large number of bakeries in Portland, I converged on Nuvrei, I am always surprised to not see them in the list. I guess it might help keep the lines shorter…

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