First Look: Gorham’s Plaza Del Toro


Plaza Del Toro is the newest space created by one of Portland's premier restaurateurs, John Gorham of Toro Bravo, Tasty & Sons, Tasty & Alder and Mediterranean Exploration Company. Part culinary lab, part event space, Plaza was inspired by both the Modernist food movement, and the intense Gastronomic … [Read more...]

First Look: Noraneko Ramen in Portland

Noraneko Dining Roomphoto ©Heather Hawksford

Noraneko is a new ramen focused jewel box by Gabe Rosen and Kina Voelez of the popular Portland restaurant Biwa. Expect the same quality and industrial cool meets cozy vibe, but in a street front rather than a basement setting. The space is divided into an atrium like area in the front, with long two-top tables and a … [Read more...]

Vodka Cucumber/Mint Lemonade for a Hot Day

Cocktail Mint

Reposted from 2006 by Lizzy Caston Some things are worth repeating! Here’s a bit of Dude trivia: he’s not only a good cook – his Sunday dinners for friends are well-known, but he’s also an awesome bartender. As a matter of fact, his first foray into the food industry was as a bartender at The Magic Pan Restaurant in … [Read more...]

The Anti Paula Deen


  With Paula Deen's recent PR "situation" (call it an exposé, call it a fiasco, call it a hot Georgia train wreck), I've been thinking a lot about Southern Food, and why Paula Deen has always made my skin crawl. Sure, there's the racism and poorly run HR thing which is bad enough. The New York Times does a … [Read more...]

Review: Hot Pot City


Completely updated/rewritten 11/2012 Welcome to cold season in Portland. Hot Pot City is a constant for many of us, especially in the chilly, gray winter months in Portland. It's warm, it's soothing, it's steamy – perfect medicine for the colds and stuffed sinuses that our climate seems to … [Read more...]

Review: Biwa


Reader Survey Best Restaurants in Portland 2012 #16. New review 10/15/12 A lot has changed about Portland since my review of Biwa in 2008. Sure, Portland still isn't much of a sushi town as compared to Seattle, Vancouver BC, or San Francisco. Yet good ramen and izakaya style dining were still a rarity in Portland in … [Read more...]