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Archives of the various reviews we've done of Portland area retailers

Interview: Steven Smith Teamaker

Smith Teamaker - Set up for tasting

"Portland is a beverage town," Steve Smith says simply.  And his beverage of choice is -- and always has been-- tea. Back in the early 1970s, Smith started Stash Tea, which sold teas and herbal infusions to natural food stores. The company grew to the point where  it was sold to a Japanese tea company in 1993; tea … [Read more...]

The Meadow: Singing the Praises of Salt

The Meadow Salt Store Portland

"Everyone's Lives Would Be So Much Better If They Just Used The Right Salt." Mark Bitterman, Local Selmelier A wonderful thing about Portland is our growing community of small specialty food purveyors. Many of these are based on single obsessions: the perfect latte with foam so pretty and detailed that … [Read more...]

Benessere Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars


Updated: 12/11 - 2nd store. I happened to walk past Benessere yesterday, but I could only take a quick peek, because I had the dog with me. Though the store has been open a month, I never heard about it, so I sent a friend in today to check it out and take some pictures. Benessesre is located downtown at 907 SW … [Read more...]

Sahagun Chocolates

Sahagun Portland

Updated 3.1.14: Sahagun seems to be out of business [Note: The retail store closed August 21st, 2010. However you will still be able to find her chocolates at the businesses listed at the end of this post] Updated retail locations 2/13 I recently spent a bit of time in the hospital, and somewhere in a … [Read more...]

Cupcake Jones

Cupcake Jones

It's not like me to be so Johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to the new stuff in town. For example, I got to Clyde Common for the first time just last week (and really liked it, by the way. And the fact that we scored an extra dessert due to a mistake by the kitchen didn't make me cry, either.) But in an … [Read more...]

Review: Baker and Spice


<updated 5.12> Baker and Spice is nowhere near my house, yet I seem to have developed quite a knack for inventing errands that take me to or near its Hillsdale location. "Ummmm… I need to go to Fred Meyer. Yes, the six other Fred Meyer stores closer to home were plumb out of tulip bulbs, so I had to cruise out … [Read more...]

Cacao Chocolate Shop


By Cuisine Bonne Femme and Joanna Miller There are shops that sell chocolate and then there are Chocolate Shops. The latter, if they are first-rate, can inspire even the most hardened and cynical among us. Take this recent email for example: To: Cuisine Bonne Femme From: Food Dude Marked: URGENT!!!! Drop … [Read more...]

Donut Roundup


By Emily James When FD asked me to start writing for this site, I was extremely nervous. I’m not an expert in any manner of food preparation, serving, or procurement. I am, however, an expert in eating and I have my Lifetime Weight Watchers membership to prove it- from a brief moment, back in 1995 when I was 30 lbs … [Read more...]