Reader Survey 2012: Best Coffeehouse in Portland

Ristretto N Williams

Ristretto N Williams at dusk

I thought it would be interesting this year to break coffee into two categories – Best Coffeehouse and Best Roaster. Stumptown is known for roasting and I thought they would do pretty well in both categories, especially with 5 stores, but that isn’t the case. Let’s look at the results:

752 votes cast:

1. Ristretto Roasters – 16.2% of the vote. Our review

  • 2181 NW Nicolai St., Portland 97210  Map
  • 3520 NE 42nd Ave, Portland 97213  Map
  • 3808 N Williams Ave, Portland 97227  Map

2. Barista – 14.6% of the vote. Our review

  • 539 NW 13th Ave, Portland 97209  Map
  • 1725 NE Alberta St., Portland 97211  Map

3. Stumptown 8.2%. Our review

  • 4525 SE Division St., Portland 97206  Map
  • 3356 SE Belmont St, Portland 97214  Map
  • 128 SW 3rd Ave, Portland 97205  Map
  • 3352 SE Belmont St., Portland 97214  Map
  • 1026 SW Stark, Portland 97205  Map

The next group all came in within 10 votes of each other. I’m listing them because folks always write and ask:

4. Heart – 211 E Burnside, Portland 97214. Our review  Map

5. Coava – 1300 SE Grand Ave, Portland 97232. Our review  Map

6a. Coffeehouse NW (tie with Extracto) – 1951 W Burnside, Portland. 97209. Our review  Map

6b. Extracto – 2921 NE Killingsworth St., Portland 97211 Map

Last year the votes went Stumptown, Barista, Coffeehouse NW, Heart. Both Ristretto and Barista have a passionate group of followers, but I’m surprised that the votes put them so far above Stumptown. Since many people don’t specify which branch of a chain they like the best, I lumped them together. However, clear favorites were the new Ristretto Nicolai in NW, Barista Alberta in NE and Stumptown on SE Division.

Since people have written asking my opinion, I’m going to start adding my .02. I really like the spaces and feel of Barista Alberta and Ristretto Nicolai. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Stumptown shops, but do go to the Ace Hotel and 3rd street branches. But my favorite of all the local places is Coffeehouse NW. I feel at home there.

You’ll find all of our Reader Survey 2012 results here!

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Your thoughts are welcome

  1. Eva says

    I feel the same about Coffeehouse NW! It is always my favorite. You can’t beat the comfortable vibe, the friendly staff, and the great coffee. I feel at home there too!

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