Reader Survey 2012: Best Coffee Roaster in Portland

Din Johnson - Ristretto Roasters Portland

Din Johnson – Ristretto Roasters

A new category this year – roaster. You’ll find Best Coffeehouse here.

I was floored by these results. The relatively new Ristretto Roasters came out of nowhere to take first place, edging out Stumptown Coffee.

Out of 736 votes cast:

1. Ristretto Roasters – 27.9% of the vote . Our review

  • 2181 NW Nicolai St., Portland 97210 Map
  • 3808 N Williams Ave, Portland 97227 Map

2. Stumptown – 27.2%.  Our review

  • 4525 SE Division St., Portland 97206 Map
  • 3356 SE Belmont St, Portland 97214 Map
  • 128 SW 3rd Ave, Portland 97205 Map
  • 3352 SE Belmont St., Portland 97214 Map
  • 1026 SW Stark, Portland 97205  Map

3. Coava – 9%. 1300 SE Grand Ave, Portland 97214. Map Our review

The remaining top choices by number of votes received (all distant) were:

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Your thoughts are welcome

  1. mike says

    I voted for Courier, but Ristretto is really excellent as well.

    Stumptown is perhaps most notable for maintaining high quality at a much larger scale than all of the other roasters listed.

  2. Hanna Neuschwander says

    FYI, Ristretto is actually one of the older of the new-crop roasters in town. They’ve been in the game since 2005, longer than any of the other roasters except for Stumptown who placed highly in the survey. In my view, Ristretto’s entry as a small roaster into the coffee scene in the mid-2000s actually helped pave the way for the rest of the crew nominated here. Kudos to all of them.

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