Reader Survey 2013: The Best Restaurants in Portland

OX Restaurant Portland

OX – Prawns. Photo ©Dina Avila Photography

Once again, Portland Food and Drink readers pick the best restaurants in Portland. As normal for this survey, I’m only listing the restaurants that stand out from the others by a large margin. Results were much tighter this year than in the past – once we get past Pok Pok, the spread is just 196 votes between the rest of the restaurants on the list. The difference between Le Pigeon and Ox is 8 votes out of 3,573 cast!

  1. OX – 2225 Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Portland 97212 Map (503) 284-3366. My review
  2. Le Pigeon  – 738 East Burnside Street  Portland, OR 97214  Map  (503) 546-8796  My review
  3. Toro Bravo – 120 Northeast Russell Street  Portland, OR 97212  Map  (503) 281-4464  My review
  4. Paley’s Place – 1204 Northwest 21st Avenue  Portland, OR 97209  Map  (503) 243-2403  My review
  5. Pok Pok – 3226 SE Division St., Portland. Map (503) 232-1387 My review
  6. Tasty N Sons – 3808 N Williams Ave, Portland 97212 Map (503) 621-1400 My review (Tasty N Alder is very similar – 580 SW 12th, Portland 97205)
  7. Beast – 5425 NE 30th Ave. Portland 97211 Map (503) 841-6968 My review
  8. Aviary – 1733 NE Alberta St., Portland 97211 Map (503) 287-2400 My review
  9. Ava Genes – 3377 SE Division St., Portland 97202 Map (971) 229-0571
  10. Grüner – 1215 SW Alder St., Portland 97205 Map (503) 241-7163 My review
  11. Little Bird – 219 SW 6th Ave., Portland 97204 Map (503) 688-5952 My review
  12. Andina – 1314 NW Glisan St., Portland 97209 Map (503) 228-9535 My review
  13. St. Jack  – 2039 SE Clinton St., Portland 97202 Map (503) 360-1281. Roger’s Review
  14. Smallwares – 4605 NE Fremont St., Portland 97213 Map (971) 229-0995 My review
  15. Nostrana –  1401 Southeast Morrison St. Portland, Oregon 97214 Map (503) 234-2427 My review
  16. Laurelhurst Market – 3155 East Burnside St., Portland 97214 Map (503) 206-3097 My review
  17. The Woodsman Tavern – 4537 SE Division St., Portland 97206 Map (971) 373-8264 My review
  18. Roe – 3113 SE Division St., Portland 97202 Map (503) 232-1566

My choices in no particular order are Aviary, Andina, Castagna, Pok Pok, Tasty N Alder, St. Jack, Paley’s Place, Toro Bravo, OX, Levant

Honorable mentions go to Lincoln, Levant, Ned Ludd, Firehouse, Tasty N Alder, Ken’s Artisan Pizza, Wildwood, and Biwa, which were all within 20 votes of each other.

The top 5 from previous years:

  • 2009 – 1. Toro Bravo, 2. Paley’s Place, 3. Pok Pok, 4. Nostrana, 5. Andina
  • 2010 – 1. Toro Bravo, 2. Paley’s Place, 3. Pok Pok, 4. Nostrana, 5. Andina
  • 2011 – 1. Toro Bravo, 2. Andina, 3. Castagna, 4. Laurelhurst Market, 5. Paley’s Place
  • 2012 – 1. Toro Bravo, 2. Pok Pok,  3. Paley’s Place, 4. Tasty N Sons, 5. Andina
  • 2013 – 1. OX, 2. Le Pigeon, 3. Toro Bravo, Paley’s Place, Pok Pok

It is interesting that OX has catapulted to the top of the list, barely one year after opening. Is it just the hot new thing? Time will tell. Le Pigeon made significant inroads, perhaps because of Chef Gabriel Rucker’s new fame. Andina was pushed down – I can’t help but wonder if it had to do with the food poisoning scare last Spring.

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. JM says

    Thanks for putting Castagna on the list. Every meal I’ve had there has been excellent. Portland diners have an embarrassment of riches, and there’s always “the next new thing.”
    But Castagna is one of those veteran restaurants that – tho it may not be in the latest NYT write- up – always serves a great meal.

  2. Edward says

    I think Le Pigeon has moved up because Gabe is really at the top of his game. His food, starting last Fall, which was always very good, moved to a whole new level. There has been more focus on experimenting and a great tasting menu. I have been eating there since they opened and the last year has been the very best.

  3. random street person says

    I am surprised Castagna is not on the list, I ate in all of these places at least once. Perhaps it has its own league?

    Besides this gross omission, I am with you, all of these restaurants are great, perhaps too difficult to rate objectively but the bottom line is that this is an awesome town for foodies.

  4. Hayden says

    I can’t believe DOC is not on this list. I agree with just about everything in the top 18 (although not necessarily their placement – I don’t think Ox should be in the top 5 let alone number 1), but it amazes me what I think is clearly one of the top 3 restaurants in Portland right now didn’t make the list.

    • says

      “but it amazes me what I think is clearly one of the top 3 restaurants in Portland right now didn’t make the list.” I’m curious what restaurant you are talking about?

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